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Beyond Khao San Road is a family travel blog showcasing the experiences of the Spencer family as they explore the globe while embracing new cultures.

They have opted their two daughters (aged 9 and 7) out of school and want to educate by astonishment. They are planning to travel for 18 months and are world-schooling throughout.

They are due to head on the first leg of this journey on the 5th of November 2023. They will start in South America for six months before moving westwards towards Australia and South East Asia in 2024.

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A Different Kind of Schooling: Family Sells Home for Worldwide Learning...

Adrian and Kirsty Spencer, a Derbyshire-based family, are about to embark on a remarkable journey that involves selling their home, opting their... read more

10.10.2023 • By Beyond Khao San Road